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My name is Josh McGarel and I'm a Squamish-based commercial photographer. I specialize in sports and outdoor lifestyle and I'm passionate about working on exciting unique concepts and pushing creative boundaries. In recent years I have had the pleasure of working with brands such as Motorola, Lululemon, Pelican, Kona Bikes, Coheasive Garment Technology, and numerous others. I enjoy working with a client throughout the process to build an intentional and creative solution for their project, and this is where many past clients have found great value in my services. Ultimately, I love art, and to use beautiful imagery to tell stories and solve problems is my end goal.

An avid mountain biker and car enthusiast, I often focus personal projects and editorial work around these interests, seeking out intriguing stories to tell. I have had written articles published with Freehub Magazine and Mountain Life Magazine, and I'm always on the hunt for another story to dive into and learn about.

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