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I enjoy working closely with clients on the overall creative direction of the project. My goal is to build intentional and creative solutions that work towards to final desired outcome of the project.
Pricing depends on the scope of the project and is calculated on a case-by-case basis, but here are some examples of previous packages I have provided.

Standard photo-shoot

You have the vision, the final goal, and the production details locked down. I can come into the project later in the process and carry out your vision. With a detailed brief and a few creative calls, I can arrive on set and use my expertise to appropriately light, compose, and execute the shot list you have in mind.

In-Depth Photo-Shoot

This is my favourite way of working and where previous clients have found the most value. 

I work with you or your creative team from a much earlier stage in the process. We has out details, beginning with identifying the end goal of the imagery, then working backwards to make sure we hit all the marks and build out an intentional and efficient shoot plan. I lead the development of a curated shot list, and we work together on the production of the shoot.

When shoot-day rolls around, my team and I work to our pre-determined plan and schedule, checking off all the shots on the list. We work to build out each shot as perfectly as possible and also look for any images that may reveal themselves as the shoot progresses to add to the final options delivered to you.

Full Package - Stills & Film

As a lot of us know, film is important to businesses and brands now more than ever. A complete marketing campaign or branch launch needs beautiful imagery and story-telling through both stills and film. I often work with a small team to produce both of these valuable deliverables. This includes a similar involvement to the In-Depth Photo-Shoot outlined above, but we also dial in the outline and flow of the motion picture element of the final product. Still working backwards from the final goal, we figure out how to best create a beautiful piece of film that tells your story or outlines your product in the best way possible. Combine this with stunning still photography and you have all the building blocks of a great campaign.

For more information, hit the link below to book a free 30 minute discovery call.

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